Three Wheel Scooter

If you have taken the decision to buy your child three wheel scooter and he/she is older than age 5 then consider Razor Powerwing Caster scooter.


The smoothness of the ride, elegant and stylish, light weighted 3 wheel scooter, it makes it very easy  and fun to ride. The durable steel frame and rear wheels make it possible to drift without a push.

What’s so cool?

No hassles! You can take it out of the box and assemble it easily.

Great Stability! It has three wheels which provides stability and easy to ride.

Smooth riding! It has a unique design which allows to get speed without pushing it.

Learn fun tricks! With a twist of the feet the scooter propels on it’s rear wheels, making it fun to ride.

Awesome brakes! Strong hand brakes of this scooter takes off most of parents safety concerns.

No storage issue! Toys pile up! But with it’s folding mechanism it becomes easy for you to store the scooter.

Long lasting! It can carry weight up to 143 pounds. Your child can use it for a long period of time.

What’s not so cool?

It can only be shipped within US currently.

It doesn’t have adjustable handle bars.

For a five years old kid this may take longer time to learn.

The Thought

Overall, for a reasonable price this scooter provides stability,durability,safety and good performance. This scooter accelerate or drift without pushing which makes it feel like a real and fun ride. Though it is not advisable but even adults can ride on it to experience the fun. It is quite strong but I would recommend it only for kids under the weight of 143 pounds. So surprise your child by gifting this on a special occasion like birthday or Christmas and see her/him have fun and enjoy riding this three wheel scooter.

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